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    What would you do ....

  • You lost your income?
  • You lost your home due to loss of income?
  • You had to choose between feeding your family or paying your rent or mortgage?
  • You or a family member had medical needs that takes up most of your income?
  • You found your family living in your car ~ or worse?

Would you want someone to "put a bandaid on it" or would you want someone to help you to stand on your own again, and show you a way to live as The Lord wants us to live?

The situations above are really happening every day right here in Tyler and the surrounding area, especially in these trying economic times.

If you ask around, you'll find someone you know, or that knows someone in this type of dilemna. Statistics show that homlessness begins at the age of 9. This is a staggering reality that in many cases begins a long and suffering journey of years.

In January to August of 2010 there were 453 recorded foreclosures in our area. That's a potential of 453 families left homeless - and this doesn't cover families displaced by eviction. That's a lot of families that need our help.

We don't put bandaids on, we help heal the wounds! That's what makes our ministries unique. We offer our guests the opportunity to rebuild their lives and better their situation by providing long term support so they can improve their education and job skills, and with the help of Our Lord, once more stand on their own.

Catch the Vision ... Save a Family   
This is the goal of Tyler Rescue Ministries, Inc.



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